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Advanced Dentistry for Pets in Amarillo, TXEven when you do everything you can to provide regular wellness and dental care for your pet, life happens. Whether they're getting on in years or your new puppy has gotten into something they shouldn't have, there are times when your pet will need a skilled veterinary dentist. That's where Noah's Ark Pet Hospital comes in. If your pet is exhibiting worrying symptoms that suggest an oral health issue, our friendly team is here to assist you.

Our advanced dental care in Amarillo goes beyond routine treatments and cleanings. We have the experience and facilities to provide your furry family member with the critical dental services they need to stay healthy and comfortable. If your pet has complex or delicate dental needs, we look forward to working together to get them back to good oral health. Contact us today to schedule your appointment!


Is My Pet Having a Dental Emergency?

We know that pets can be skilled at hiding discomfort and pain. However, some emergencies are easier to recognize than others. Some obvious situations that are easy to recognize include broken teeth, bleeding in the mouth, damage to the jawbones, and changes in eating behaviors and appetites. In these cases, we encourage you to seek our professional care immediately.

Some other dental problems are not as obvious if you're not closely checking your pet's teeth. Things like tooth infections and abscesses can develop over time and can be hard to spot. Regular dental checkups are a great way to avoid these complications and help prevent negative health impacts in the future. If you're unsure whether your pet's situation requires advanced dental care, we invite you to contact our practice. Our team will ask you questions to help determine if your pet's situation is serious.

Endodontics for Cats & Dogs

Endodontic treatment is required when the internal tissues of your pet's tooth have become infected. Many different situations can require endodontics. Trauma to the mouth and teeth can harm the internal structure of teeth, and excessive plaque and tartar buildup give bacteria a place to accumulate and cause infection if left untreated. An endodontic procedure is generally recommended for teeth that are considered strategic for your pet's oral health, like their canines, upper premolars, and lower molars. Our Amarillo veterinary dentist provides effective endodontic treatment to eliminate infection and alleviate your pet's pain while saving their tooth.

Our Endodontic Process for Cats & Dogs

When treating a root infection, we begin our therapy by sedating your pet to avoid discomfort. We'll then perform a thorough oral exam which will take advantage of digital x-rays to determine the health of the bone surrounding the affected tooth. We then remove the infected portions of the tooth and other affected tissue, always trying to keep as much of the tooth intact as possible. We will put inert composite filling material in the place of the infected tissue and administer antibiotics to minimize the chance of reinfection. A crown will then be placed on the tooth to maintain proper function.

Extraction Services

Advanced Dentistry for Pets in Amarillo, TXRoot canal treatments are a great option for preserving the integrity and structure of your pet's teeth and jawbones. However, they are not always the best course of treatment. While we strive to do everything possible to save teeth, extractions offer a simple, cost-effective way to prevent major dental complications. It is much better to have no tooth than a painful tooth, and pets are great at adapting after having extractions.

Our Extraction Process for Cats & Dogs

We will begin by placing your pet under anesthesia and performing an oral exam to determine the extraction plan. Surgical extractions may be performed depending on the area of the mouth where the tooth is located and what has happened to the problem tooth. This can involve the removal of bone and incisions into gum tissue to give us access to the tooth.

In other cases, we may be able to extract a tooth without incisions or bone removal. If this is the case, we will carefully elevate each root one by one and finish by closing the extraction site with sutures that your pet's gums will absorb over time.

Reasons for Extractions

The reasons you might seek out an extraction for your pet are similar to why we might perform an endodontic procedure. If periodontal disease is at an advanced stage or other factors have caused tooth tissue to become infected, extractions are a relatively simple way to treat painful or diseased teeth. Similarly, if a tooth has become broken and is unsalvageable, it can be advisable to remove it.

What's Better for My Pet - Extractions or Endodontic Treatment?

An endodontic procedure is a less invasive option than an extraction and usually saves your pet's tooth for life. However, while root canal therapy is less invasive, it is also more intricate and cannot be performed in all circumstances. For instance, when there is an insufficient amount of tooth is left to salvage, an extraction may be the only option.

Root canal therapy is generally recommended for strategic teeth, and extractions are more common for non-strategic teeth. We will counsel you about whether we feel your pet will not be bothered by the missing tooth.

Full-Mouth Extractions

In some cases, we may need to perform full-mouth extractions. If periodontal disease has progressed to a place where teeth are not salvageable or major health concerns are likely to arise because of the progression of the disease, we are prepared to perform full-mouth extractions. While the treatment is intensive, pets can live full, relatively normal lives without teeth. It is always important to remember that having no teeth is better than living with a mouth full of diseased teeth.

Amarillo's Choice for Advanced Veterinary Dental Care

When dental issues occur, you need a team with the experience to provide delicate, complex dental care. At Noah's Ark Pet Hospital, we are honored to provide pet health care for residents of Amarillo and the surrounding communities. We know that bringing in your pet for emergency or advanced dental care needs can be stressful, but our friendly team is here to provide the compassionate, comforting touch to heal your pet so that you can rest easy.

We look forward to meeting you and helping your animal regain their good oral health. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for your advanced dental needs!



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