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Whether your dog has been suffering from joint problems for years or you think your cat may have broken its leg falling from a tree, it can leave you questioning what your surgical options may be. At Noah's Ark Pet Hospital, we're proud to leverage our skills and experience to offer exceptional orthopedic surgery services to improve the quality of life of cats, dogs, and exotic animals, like rabbits. Our team looks forward to meeting you and helping your pet get the pain relief and mobility restoration they deserve. Call us today to schedule your consultation visit with our Amarillo orthopedic veterinarian!


What is Orthopedic Surgery?

Orthopedic surgery is a broad term that encompasses various procedures aimed at repairing bones and joints. Both immediate and pre-existing bone and joint conditions can be addressed with orthopedic surgery. Using tools like screws, pins, and plates, we can restore your pet's joints to a normal or near-normal state, depending on the nature of their injury.

It's crucial that your pet undergoes an extensive physical evaluation to determine if it's an ideal candidate for surgery. Our team will take various factors into consideration, including your pet's age and blood work results. Once we determine that they're fit for the procedure, we'll provide you with all the information you need to decide whether orthopedic surgery is the right option for your pet. Some of the correction surgery types our Amarillo orthopedic veterinarian handles include:

  • Dislocating Knee Cap Repair
  • Fracture Surgery
  • Hip Dysplasia Repair
  • Cruciate Ligament Repair
  • Ligament & Tendon Reconstruction
  • Stem Cell Therapy for Arthritis

What You Can Expect Before Surgery

Before your pet visits our practice for their procedure, we'll provide you with detailed instructions on how to help prepare them for surgery. For example, we may recommend certain dietary restrictions to help reduce the risk of vomiting during surgery.

We'll begin the procedure by gently shaving the surgical site. Our team will then place your pet under heavy sedation with supplemental oxygen. However, the extent of sedation depends on your pet's age and overall condition. Our team will closely monitor their vital signs throughout the procedure.

Helping Your Pet Recover

Compared to spaying or neutering, orthopedic surgery requires an extensive recovery period. It's crucial that you limit your pet's physical activity immediately following surgery. In the weeks after their procedure, they may have to undergo short physical therapy sessions to help restore their full mobility.

To help manage your pet's pain and discomfort following surgery, we may recommend certain pain management medications. However, it's crucial that your pet not bite or manipulate its incision site. As such, you made need a cone-shaped collar that physically restricts their ability to bite the surgery site.

Orthopedic Surgery FAQs

It's expected to have countless questions about our Amarillo veterinary surgery services. Our friendly and supportive team is here to answer any questions you may have and break down procedures step by step. Some frequently asked questions about veterinary orthopedic surgery include:

Is orthopedic surgery safe?

Yes. Our practice adheres to strict surgical and procedural guidelines to help your pet's surgery go as smoothly as possible.

The best way to know if your pet requires surgery is to bring them into our office for an examination. Using technology like x-rays, we can examine their bones and ligaments for potential complications that may limit their mobility and cause them pain. However, subtle signs of mobility issues may be noticeable during your pet's day-to-day routine, like limping or a hesitation to run.

We highly recommend that you closely follow the post-operation instructions we provide you. Whether that means administering pain medication or ensuring that they're taking in fluids, we'll give you everything you need to help your pet recover properly.

It depends on the nature of your pet's orthopedic surgery, as well as how comfortably they're recovering following the procedure. Plentiful rest in combination with physical therapy can take months for your pet to get back to its normal range of mobility.

Your Place for Veterinary Surgery in Amarillo

At Noah's Ark Animal Hospital, we believe that every pet deserves to have the best quality of life possible. That's why we're proud to offer skilled orthopedic surgery to eliminate pain and improve mobility. Our Amarillo orthopedic veterinarian has extensive experience working with various pets, including cats, dogs, and exotic animals. Call us or visit our office in person to schedule your consultation visit and find out if our surgical services are right for your pet!



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