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Meet the Team


L to R: Savannah, Calysta, Beau, Dr. Olsen, Doc Pearson, Gina, Emily, Jency

Meet our team at Noah’s Ark Pet Hospital, located in Amarillo, TX! We are a tight-knit group of animal lovers that are dedicated to providing the best care for your pets, whether they are big or small. We can’t wait to meet you!

Jency Brush


Jency grew up admiring Joy Adamson, a conservationist for large cats, piquing interest in the world of animal health and welfare. With values such as integrity, compassion, and dedication, Noah’s Ark Pet Hospital was an obvious choice for her to start her career. Over the past 5+ years with us at Noah’s Ark, Jency has been able to take part in countless opportunities you won’t find anywhere else!


From a young age, Beau had interest in exotic animals. His own pets included chameleons, ferrets, and even a Capuchin monkey! A student at Texas A&M Veterinary School, Beau spends his summers working as a technician with use here at Noah’s Ark Pet Hospital. His favorite reason for working here? Every day is truly different than the day before!


As a wildlife biology major, Savannah wasn’t particularly interested in veterinary medicine but took a chance working at Noah’s Ark and fell in love with the industry. With her experience working in our local shelters, Savannah’s compassion for animals has been an asset to our clinic!


Emily is a student at West Texas A&M majoring in wildlife biology, but she found herself longing to stay in the Texas Panhandle to be near her family. With pets of her own and after participating in 4-H animal projects at a young age, she took interest in Noah’s Ark Pet Hospital for the many opportunities we offer, such as working with exotic animals and the unknown that each day brings!


Calysta is an Oklahoma native who knew she wanted to be in veterinary medicine at a young age, to give to animals a voice when it came to their medical care. She fell in love with Noah’s Ark Pet Hospital because of our family-oriented culture and she loves that there is always something new to learn.

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