Importance of Bringing Pet in for Dental Care

Good oral hygiene is very important for pets. Without good oral care, your pet can end up developing dental issues. The issues can cause serious health problems. Dental disease in pets affects the teeth, the structures around the teeth, and the gums. The dental problems begin with plaque buildup on the teeth. Unfortunately, many pets end up with dental issues that can lead to serious health complications. It is very important to ensure that your pet gets routine dental care.


Signs of Pet Dental Disease


Behavior change may be a sign that your pet needs a dental checkup. Refusing to feed or poor feeding can be due to illness. If your pet has a missing or broken tooth or teeth, a visit to the vet is necessary. Bad breath can be a sign of an infection. You should look out for bleeding gums and painful or difficult chewing. Excess drooling, swelling on the tongue and gums can indicate disease.


Professional Dental Care


When you take your pet to the vet for dental care, your animal will undergo a comprehensive examination. This is done to assess oral health and look for signs of dental issues. Routine examinations will allow the vet to address any issues before they become serious or complicated problems. Your pet will also get professional dental cleaning that helps to get rid of plaque.


Home Pet Dental Care


While it is important to get professional dental care for your pet, home care is equally as important. You should practice good oral care for your pet. Regularly brushing your pet’s teeth will prevent bacteria and plaque buildup. Invest in some pet brushing tools for this purpose. You can also get some dental treats and toys that will help in maintaining your pet’s oral health.


Benefits of Pet Dental Care


Dental care for pets helps to prevent teeth loss while also keeping the animal’s mouth healthy and smelling fresh. Plaque buildup causes cavities and gum disease. Some infections get into the bloodstream and can affect the animal’s major organs. Painful dental diseases interfere with the pets’ feeding, which can affect overall health. Poor oral health can reduce your pet’s life span.


Tips for Cleaning Pets’ Teeth


For effective cleaning, allow the pet to become familiar with the cleaning tools. Use treats and praise as a reward. Start by rubbing the animal’s gums and teeth with a wet cloth or your finger. You can then progress to using a pet toothbrush. Keeping the sessions gentle and short is helpful. Brush all the teeth, paying attention to the back teeth, using a pet-specific toothpaste.


Just like with humans, good dental care for pets is important. You should avoid giving your pet a diet full of sugar. You should also avoid foods that are too hard as they may break the teeth. Place a water bowl next to the food so that the pet can rinse the mouth after eating. February is National Pet Dental Care Month, and it is a good time to start taking your pet’s dental care seriously.


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