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The Importance of Pet Wellness Exams

All veterinarians recommend that pets attend regular, often annual, pet wellness exams, even if your pet doesn’t seem sick. While adding another appointment to a packed schedule may not seem like a priority when your pet isn’t showing signs of being unwell, attending these screening exams shouldn’t be avoided.  

The Importance of Pet Vaccinations

Before the discovery of vaccines, countless people died of infectious diseases. So did a number of cats and dogs. Vaccinations are a great precautionary measure to prevent serious health problems before they occur. In veterinary medicine, pet vaccination is the number one defense against some of the nastiest and often fatal diseases in animals. It’s so essential to health that experts view pet vaccination as a cornerstone of preventive care.

Importance of Bringing Pet in for Dental Care

Good oral hygiene is very important for pets. Without good oral care, your pet can end up developing dental issues. The issues can cause serious health problems. Dental disease in pets affects the teeth, the structures around the teeth, and the gums. The dental problems begin with plaque buildup on the teeth. Unfortunately, many pets end up with dental issues that can lead to serious health complications.

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