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Take A Tour

Take a look at our Amarillo, TX veterinary hospital!

Check out our practice to see where we treat your pet!

We invite you to take a tour and then contact us with your questions or schedule an appointment.

We have multiple exam rooms to help improve patient flow. They help us spend more time with each patient, giving them the at­tention they deserve while still allowing us to see all our patients in a more timely fashion.

We have a large treatment room and an excel­lent surgery suite. We are equipped with two high quality anesthesia machines, a nice portable x-ray machine and an in-house blood analysis lab. The in-house lab allows us to get answers while you wait when your pet is sick and we need to know why. It also allows screening of major organ func­tions and blood cell counts prior to all anesthetic procedures. This greatly increases your pet’s safety.

We don’t want to cut corners with your pet’s life. At our hospital, we value all life. We hope the care we give to your pets enhances your life, too.